The aim of our workplace wellness program is to provide employees with the facts about social anxiety and how it can impact upon every area of someones life. Some of the benefits that your company may experience include an increase in;

awareness and openness of SAD

engagement levels

retention of employees with sad & less absenteeism

productivity & performance

employee well-being & mental health

resilience for dealing with sad

Our Research Shows That....

1 in 8

The rate of Social Anxiety Disorder among the adult population in Ireland


The percentage of people with Social Anxiety disorder that consider themselves as lonely & friendless


Increase of long term unemployment among adults in Ireland with Social Anxiety Disorder

Options Include




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Workshop/Awareness Talk 
This one hour talk will provide an understanding of social anxiety, its impact upon people and the resources available for the condition

Staffed Information Stand 
We will provide a staffed information stand in your workplace for 2 hours to provide information and advice to employees 

Build Your Own Package 
We can cater for longer term options including training and employee supports. Please contact us by email to explore further. 

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