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Social Anxiety Recovery Program



Next Programs: The next programs will be commencing in September 2019. An overview of the program is available below and a link to apply for a place is in the last section of this page. Queries about the program can be sent to 



Overview: The Social Anxiety Recovery Program (SARP) is a twelve session, comprehensive and recovery based programme for adults that experience social anxiety. Designed by Step Out Ireland, this program is built upon the principles of recovery as set out by the World Health Organisation. The program is facilitated by trained individuals with lived experience of social anxiety and it offers the opportunity for suitable graduates of the program to become facilitators in the future.



This programme is comprised of 12 sessions which covers some of the following topics;


  • Principles of recovery

  • Support structures

  • Thinking styles

  • Transactional analysis

  • Trigger events & situations

  • The social anxiety cycle

  • Mindfulness

  • Nutrition & social anxiety

  • My Social Anxiety recovery plan


Programme Aim

To facilitate participants to engage with recovery practices and to enable them to build a comprehensive social anxiety recovery plan that will help them support themselves into the future.

Target Group

All participants must be 18 years and older and do not require a formal diagnosis of social anxiety disorder in order to participate in the program. 



The course is participatory and experiential in approach. It requires participants to have an openness to recovery and personal development as they explore their own social anxiety and take ownership or their recovery process. The program ends by participants completing a dedicated recovery plan which they will use to support their recovery into the future.

Program Cost

The cost of the program is €300 which includes 24 hours of group support (12 session lasting 2 hours each), email and phone support throughout the program, session materials and Step Out Ireland certification upon program completion. If you are unemployed or in financial difficulty we can discuss the program cost directly with you. 


What some of the past participants had to say:


“The information I got through the Step out Ireland program helped to me to gain a greater understanding of the symptoms I was dealing with on a daily basis that I didn't even know were related to social anxiety. Hearing people share their experiences and feelings around it helped me feel like I wasn't alone with it and the identification I had with what I was hearing brought about a huge sense of relief. Using the tools that I learned in the program helps me deal with situations that cause me a lot of discomfort in a different way. I'm very optimistic about the future as a result”


“For years I thought I was the only person that had anxiety like this. Meeting others that have similar experiences to me was really powerful. The program also gave me the confidence to speak about my social anxiety with other people which has really improved the level of support that I have in my life now including my relationship with my family”

Application Process

The application process involves each potential participant completing an application form which will be independently assessed by a competent party. Follow up calls will be made with each potential participant to discuss their application in more detail as required. Please click on the following link in order to complete an application form

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