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Positive Steps Support Groups
These are the ongoing peer to peer support groups which we currently operate in Dublin, Cork & Limerick and have held over 250 of these since 2015. The support group format is designed specifically to the needs of people with social anxiety. As the groups are led by people with lived experience, we have an in depth understanding of the needs of someone coming through our door and have used that knowledge to ensure the groups are as beneficial as possible for our service users. A list of upcoming support groups can be found here

One of the ways that the group is specifically designed to the needs to someone with social anxiety is that we provide each group with a topic cards specifically designed by Step Out Ireland. These provide topics for the groups to discuss which are based on general topics and also social anxiety specific topics. 

“I never knowingly met anyone with social anxiety before. To be honest no one outside of the group knows I have it so it is a big relief to know there are so many people like me”

Dave, Step Out Ireland Service User

“I have made my first real friends from the group at the age of 46. Making connections with people was always something social anxiety made terribly difficult for me but being able to be completely honest in the group with others like me makes it so much easier”

Janice, Step Out Ireland Service User

“Since joining the group I have become much more confident interacting and talking with people. I work in a customer service job and before coming to the group I was about to quit as the face to face interactions made me so anxious. Through attending Step Out Ireland groups I am learning how to be more at ease and control my anxiety meaning I enjoy my work for the first time in years”

Mike, Step Out Ireland Service User

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